Don’t Forget About Getting a Septic Inspection Before Selling Your Home in Greensburg, IN and the Surrounding Area

Before purchasing a property, you look for pests or faults; however, septic and sewer systems are the last things that come to mind. Since they are buried deep in the ground, it is easy to forget about them until problems arise. Fortunately, I provide septic inspection services in Greensburg, IN, to help you learn if everything is working properly.

A Dye Test Is Helpful to Detect Problems

I provide septic tank inspections

A septic system is used to remove all the waste from your property. If it is in good condition, it will take and filter the water from your washer, shower, sink, and toilet. Then it is redistributed into the ground helping decrease soil pollution. If you need a well and septic inspection, contact me! I run a dye test to confirm accurately that there are no issues. The process is simple; I’ll introduce a dye into the water that is about to be drained and see how much enters your septic tank.

Learn All You Can About Your Septic Tank

Schedule Regular Inspections

I recommend you schedule a septic inspection every five years to learn if everything is working as it should. Running dye tests helps me find out if something needs to be repaired or replaced. This is especially important if you want to sell your house at top price. Reach out to me in Greensburg, IN, and request more information.

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