Protect Your Loved Ones By Getting a Mold Inspection in Greensburg, IN

Are you feeling like your allergies are getting worse? If you have a runny nose, increased asthma attacks, itchy throat, and eyes, you could be experiencing symptoms of mold exposure and need to schedule a mold inspection. Mold can be a serious health hazard, especially for people with respiratory conditions. I have helped countless families in Greensburg, IN, and I’d like to assist you as well! It is bothersome to feel symptoms and not be able to feel better even after taking medicine.

I will use my equipment to inspect every single area. I’ll take samples for testing. If the test shows that you have mold, we’ll discuss how to proceed. Whether you’re thinking of buying a home and want to know if it has any issues, or you’re looking to sell your place and want an impartial evaluation, I can help you out.

Beware of Dark Spots on Your Wall or Ceiling

Every Sample Is Taken to a Lab

Mold can grow anywhere, especially in dark and moist places. It usually appears as dark spots, mainly on the corners of your wall or ceiling. I divide your home into sections and take different samples to learn if the areas are infected. I will then send those samples to a lab for analysis. The lab will tell me exactly what kind of mold is growing there.

After examining all the collected data in a certified laboratory, I’ll write a detailed mold inspection report. It includes the type of mold, location, and size to guide you during the mold remediation process. This report will include recommendations for treating the problem areas so that your family has peace of mind while living in their home. Additionally, I’ll recommend mold removal companies that can help with your particular problem.

Fast Mold Testing Guarantees Your Protection

Learn More About My Professional Mold Testing Services

A mold inspection can detect if your home in Greensburg, IN, is infested. This fungus can lead to serious health conditions after prolonged exposure, so the faster you detect it, the better. As a licensed mold detector, I provide comprehensive testing, inspection, and mitigation recommendations for residential and commercial properties in the area.

Before starting the remediation process, I will help you learn more about it and where it is located. This ensures that every piece of mold will be removed! My goal is to help you avoid the serious health risks associated with mold mites so that you can stay safe and healthy in your home or business!

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